A Year of Celebrations

At the time Jusoor was founded in 2011, few would have imagined that ten years later, we would have impacted the lives of over 10,000 Syrian children and youth and be awarded a seven-figure gift from MacKenzie Scott, an astounding recognition of Jusoor as one of the leading organization providing opportunities to maximize the potential of Syrian children and youth.

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We are pleased to share that we have released our 2021 Annual Report, providing highlights of all of Jusoor's activities over the last year, diving in-depth into our programs and shedding light on some of the inspiring stories that make us hopeful for the next generation of Syrian children and youth.
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Jusoor Annual Report 2021 Cover

Some Highlights from 2021

Our Biggest Donation, to Date
Jusoor received its largest donation to date. Since then, it started to have a transformative impact on our work in empowering young Syrians around the world.

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Our First Licensed School
In 2021, we announced the opening of Jusoor’s first licensed school just in time with the return of our
in-person classes.

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Jusoor's 10th Anniversary
The past 10 years were a wonderful journey of accomplishments, ones that impacted thousands of Syrians who are deeply engaged in our community.

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Stories that Inspired Us

Mezyad, Jusoor Refugee Education Program Azima Photo
A Tireless Learner
Mezyad is working full time, and yet, he refuses to give up on his studies. With our Azima program,
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Anoud Schoalrship Photo
Finding Her Own Way
Anoud is persuing her dream after being awarded a Jusoor scholarship to McGill University in Canada.

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Martine, Jar Thurayya Photo
Martine (Jar Thurayya)
A Startup for Gender Equality
Martine won first place in Jusoor’s Startup Roadshow with her startup that embraces  Lebanese heritage.

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Our Impact So Far

Children Educated
Scholarships Awarded
Entrepreneurs Trained

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2021 Annual Report

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Jusoor Annual Report 2021 Cover