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About the Project

The Startup Roadshow is Jusoor’s flagship project that aims at building the business & entrepreneurial capacity of innovators from Syrian and host communities in Jordan and Lebanon. The project equips entrepreneurs with the best training, mentorship, tools and networking to succeed.

Seven reasons not to miss the chance to join Jusoor’s Startup Roadshow:

Receive high quality hands-on training

on core business topics, like: Market Analysis, Digital Marketing and Sales Strategy, Financial Management, Fundraising & Access to Finance and much more!

Get connected to business experts

and leaders who will guide you through direct 1-1 mentoring / coaching sessions to enhance the progress of your startup.

Utilize opportunities to expand your networking

with regional investors, incubators, accelerators and beyond!

Gain a network

of like-minded aspiring and creative entrepreneurs in a learning-oriented environment.

Obtain an invaluable package of in-kind support

that worth up to USD  $1,000 which includes but not limited to: one laptop per team, brand identity design and web development services.

Pitch your startup idea

in front of a judging committee with the opportunity to win seed funding up to USD $7,000.

Become part of Jusoor’s community

and enjoy the continuous support!

To Participate

To start your journey with Jusoor Startup Roadshow 4, you should complete and submit the following application before the 12th of November 2022 11:59 PM (Amman & Beirut)

Main phases of Jusoor’s Startup Roadshow 4

During your journey with Jusoor Startup Roadshow 4, you will go through three main phases:
Startup Weekend Hackathon

A five-day in-person full-time competition (2 full weekend days and 3 half days) targeting inspiring entrepreneurs living in Lebanon (Beirut, Tripoli and North of Lebanon) and Jordan (Amman, Zarqa, Irbid and Mafraq). Through the five-day hackathon, entrepreneurs will receive training on entrepreneurship and techtools. Moreover, entrepreneurs will receive 1-1 coaching and mentoring sessions with business experts. By the end of the hackathons, participating teams will pitch their business ideas to a judging panel. Top evaluated teams will be invited to join the next phase, the Jusoor Business Incubator. Jusoor will run four rounds of the Hackathon in the following locations (Note: entrepreneurs are meant to join only one round based on their current residency address):

  • Startup Weekend Hackathon - Amman:  from the 1st to the 5th of December 2022
  • Startup Weekend Hackathon - Irbid: from the 8th to the 12th of December 2022
  • Startup Weekend Hackathon - Tripoli: from the 6th to the 10th of January 2023
  • Startup Weekend Hackathon - Beirut from the 13th to the 17th of January 2023

Transportation will be provided to the event venue from the main districts.

Business Incubator & Virtual Pitch Day

After finishing the Hackathon competition, 85 startups with the highest judging scores and commitment will join a four-month online Business Incubator.

During the incubator, entrepreneurs will be provided with over 24 hours of advanced business training on business topics like Market Analysis, Financial Management, and Digital Marketing and Sales Strategy, etc. Participants will also benefit from eight hours of individualized 1:1 coaching and mentoring sessions, weekly Founders Cafés, monthly Meet the CEO sessions, and access to designing and web development services and much more. Upon completing the incubator successfully, participating teams will pitch their business idea and the progress they have achieved during the incubator to the judging panel. The Virtual Pitch Day will take place on the 6th of June 2023.

Jusoor’s Business Incubator will run from the 2nd of February to 1st of June 2023.

In-person Networking & Demo Day

The top 20 teams (as evaluated by our judging panel) who advanced from the virtual Pitch Day, will have the chance to pitch their business ideas during the in-person networking and Demo Days in Lebanon and Jordan. The 20 teams will be competing to win financial prizes and will have the opportunity to network with investors, regional incubators and accelerators. The top three teams from each country will be awarded cash prizes from US $3,000 to US $7,000. The in-person Networking & Demo Day will happen on the 20th of June in Amman, Jordan and on the 5th of July in Beirut, Lebanon.

Eligibility Criteria and Program Requirements

  1. Innovative tech startup idea or early-stage startup (up to 12 months).
  2. You should be living in Jordan or Lebanon.
  3. The applicant should be between 18 to 28 years old. However, the rest of the team members (if any) can be excluded from this age range
  4. You should commit to attend and make progress during the five-day in-person hackathon (as explained in the program description).

Thank You For Your Ongoing Support!

Thanks to Our Amazing Mentors!

The mentors helped us offer help and guidance to the participating teams. Thanks to all of you

Ziad Barouni

Ziad Barouni is an international coach & expert in business storytelling, critical thinking and entrepreneurship; an alumnus & certified trainer and consultant by Deutsche Welle Akademie, Berlin. Honored by several institutions and a multi-award-winning entrepreneur with +20 years of experience in business.

Yousef Hammad

Dynamic marketing director with over 12 years of experiencet. Proven track record of analytical, managerial, and interpersonal skills, coupled with a keen methodical approach to issues. Effective in attracting new clients as well as corporate partners through powerful marketing campaigns. Accomplished leader adept at gaining competitive edge and seamlessly managing multiple projects and clients. Founder of Socksat & Jo's Honey E-Commerce websites.

Yazan Zoghbi

Yazan Zoghbi is a Senior SEO & Marketing Specialist with over 7 years of experience in the field. He has a strong passion for startups and entrepreneurship, and has worked with various startup companies throughout his career. With his expertise in SEO and marketing, he has helped numerous startups achieve their goals and grow their businesses. Yazan is also a dedicated mentor and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with aspiring entrepreneurs. He believes that startups are the future of business and is committed to helping young entrepreneurs succeed in their endeavors.

Yaman Al Aryyan

Yaman has more than 5 years of experience in launching and leading Acceleration and Venture capital programs. Currently working as the Senior Program Officer at Flat6labs; An early stage regional venture capital investing in tech and tech enabled startups around the MENA.

Tareq Malas

I'm an entrepreneur and experienced consultant with a strong background in providing mentorship to startups. With a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry, I specialize in digital strategy, statistical data analysis, statistical modeling, and data stewardship. I hold a PhD in Human/Medical Genetics from Leiden University, which has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to tackle complex problems in the field. Throughout my career, I've leveraged my experience to provide mentorship and guidance to startups, helping them navigate the challenges of the early stages of their businesses. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for problem-solving, I excel at helping entrepreneurs identify and address key issues, develop effective strategies, and grow their businesses. My strong consulting background and entrepreneurial spirit allow me to provide unique and valuable insights that can help startups succeed in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

Samer Arabiat

Being a Financial Coach & Consultant, on financial modeling for startups, accounting for startups and other financial issues which help startups with over 30 years of experience ranging between working with The Venture X new fund and we are establishing themed accelerators in Agri-tech “ HASSAD”, Creative Industries “IBDA3”, Health-tech “STARTUP AVICENNA” and Tourism “SIYAHA”, Oasis500 “Investment fund, incubator & accelerator” from September 2014 till August 2019, brokerage, investment, marketing, taxes, financial reporting companies and more than a fifteen years in financial management with companies in UAE, Kuwait & Jordan. Worked with regulators such as Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) Capital Market Authority in Kuwait (CMA) and Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) by providing reports or preparing and updating related processes for some companies. Conduct training in Excel, Power BI, Financial Planning, Costing and Pricing for startups from several countries.

Saleh Hanash

Saleh is a Chief Learning & Development Officer at Agonist Consult, where he drives innovation and entrepreneurship, build effective teams, and provide consultancy services to corporates in sales and marketing in the healthcare, and virtual training. He is also a sought-after inspirational speaker at various events, universities locally and internationally

Saleem Najjar

Saleem is an award-winning social entrepreneur, recognized as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of 2021 by JCI. He is the founder of Sharqi Shop, a social enterprise that has created employment opportunities for over 200 artisans, mostly Syrians, enabling them to sell their products to more than 30 countries worldwide. Saleem's entrepreneurial journey began with the co-founding of ShopGo.me, a SaaS platform that empowered over 1000 entrepreneurs and traders in the MENA region to create their online shops. His entrepreneurial skills also led him to found Syrgo.com, a platform that helps Syrians worldwide access their personal and civil documents. Saleem's contribution to entrepreneurship has earned him numerous accolades, including the European Youth Award in 2018, the Roadshow Award in 2018, first place in the NASA International Space Apps Challenge in 2017, the Techfugees Award in 2016, and the Best Established Business Award in 2010 by Shell. Saleem's expertise in entrepreneurship is widely recognized, with his entrepreneurship curriculum being utilized by accelerators and incubators to train over 5000 young people and entrepreneurs. Saleem's dedication to social entrepreneurship highlights his exceptional skills as an innovator and a leader in the industry, serving as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

Salam Al-Nukta

Salam Al-Nukta is originally from Syria and currently lives in the Netherlands. She is completing her MSc in international business and majoring in Strategy and Innovation. Combined with her strong academic background in entrepreneurship, her passion for bringing positive impact to communities and her experience working with different entrepreneurs worldwide enabled her to found Warsha in 2021. Warsha aims to assist organizations and global firms realize their corporate social responsibility by offering business development consultancies.

Reema Diab

AI expert |International KeyNote Speaker |Futurist |Strategic Business|S.Consultant for Tesla , INGO’s and World Bank.Helping companies improve their business performance,use data more intelligently by AI,Big Data& IOO.

Raya Al Jughol

Customer Success Architect at Maqsam with enthusiasm for innovation and supporting the Start-up world. I am also the Co-Founder of Socksat; Jordan’s first local online platform for selling cool and funky printed socks.

Rami Quwader

Rami Quwader is a legal consultant at the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD) organization in Jordan. He has over 17 years of experience working in the legal profession and the humanitarian sector and is an expert in human rights, refugee affairs, women’s empowerment, GBV, human trafficking, and statelessness. He is a representative of ARDD’s Organization in many international, regional and local alliances and a member of the Executive Office for Drug Control and the Justice Sector Development Forum, he contributed to studies at the local and regional levels. Rami holds a Bachelor's degree in Law and a Master's degree in Human Rights and Human Development from the University of Jordan.

Rabih Farhat
Lebanon / France

Rabih Farhat is the Founder and Managing Partner behind Related, a 5x award-winning martech agency that provides customized loyalty and reward solutions. With over 22 years of cross-industry expertise, he became a thought leader in driving the most successful programs across the Middle East and Africa region. His strategies for incentive programs are most notable for their ability to transform values into positive impact on society. Prior to founding Related, Rabih was leading the Loyalty practice at Peppers & Rogers, within the MEA region. There he played an essential role in building the largest loyalty program in the region, Saudi Telecom’s Qitaf. Rabih is an adamant believer in a more humane and compassionate “alliance” between brands and customers, and that any rewards program should play an active role in achieving a higher purpose than the commercial benefits for both brands and consumers. In 2022, Rabih was awarded Industry Entrepreneur from Incentive Awards Global Association for his significant contribution to the Loyalty and rewards industry.

Raad al Kalha

Ra’ad Al Kalha: Founder and CEO of Carers, has over 10 years’ experience as a managing partner at Al Kalha Group, worked in different FNB businesses and started self-owned entrepreneurial projects in Jewlery design & whole sale, a restaurant and trading businesses. Due to a personal experience with the untimely brain stroke of his brother, in 2017, Ra’ad decided to venture into filling a gap in the market for secure and transparent quality home nursing care in Amman, Jordan. Ra’ad holds a BA in Finance & Banking from Applied Science University.

Qusai Malahmeh

Qusai is a Jordanian digital fabrication expert with a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. With years of experience in the field, Qusai's digital fabrication journey began in 2014 as a maintenance technician for 3D printers in 3D MENA. He then held various positions, including Lab Supervisor at Shamal Start/Fablab Irbid and Technical Team Leader at TechWorks/CPF. He is also a co-founder of the Fab Arab Network, which connects and supports fabrication labs in the region. In 2022, Qusai established menalab, a Jordanian startup that offers training, access to machinery, and design services for digital fabrication. At menalab, he and his team are dedicated to empowering people to become producers rather than consumers through ideation, design thinking, prototyping, and digital fabrication. Qusai's areas of expertise include 3D printing, woodwork, parametric 2D and 3D design, electronics design, production and programming, CNC milling, molding and casting, and rapid prototyping. He is also a member of the panel for the workshop "Moving Towards the Future in the Creative Industries," organized by the Royal Hashemite Court. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Malaysia and has completed the Fab Academy course in 2018 and a diploma in User Experience in 2020.

Qusai Abu Shanap

Qusai Saleem has a background in early childhood development. His mission has been to make an impact in education and parenting using technology. With this experience he is currently managing and supporting government and organization by building gamified educational solutions to achieve the expected changes in knowledge, behavior and skills, and also trying to make sure these solutions will provide the stakeholders with meaningful information to design polices

Omran Al-Habbal

Omran is an experienced business advisor, mentor, and entrepreneur with a passion for helping startups, founders, and entrepreneurs achieve their goals. With a proven track record of helping businesses grow and scale. Also, has expertise in designing and managing startup support projects and programs that result in impactful growth across various industries. Serial Entrepreneur left home in 2012, worked and lived in 5 countries across Europe, Africa and Asia to develop a strong practical understanding of the local and international markets needs, business culture and market access. Omran knows first-hand the challenges faced by startups and entrepreneurs, and has developed a range of strategies and tactics to help them overcome these obstacles with an interest in those who are operating in new environments or markets. Omran is also an active member of the startup community and ecosystem in the UK. Alongside, working with the best business supporters in the region, Omran cofounded BEC (Birmingham Enterprise Community) with like-minded entrepreneurs, to be one of the leading business support organisations in the region working with both sectors privet and public. Also, BEC support the diplomatic missions in the UK who wants to encourage the international expansion to the UK and Europe.

Mohammad Franji

Mohammed has more than 22 years of Business Development and Marketing experience in leading firms and organizations operating in MENA His past experience was with MASSAR Associates, DAI Global, TATWEER Business Services, EFE Jordan, Parachute16, Al-Jidara, Pragma Corporation, and Al Jude for Scientific Care, worked on regional projects targeting startups that were funded by USAID, World Bank, UKAID, GIZ, EBRD, Goethe Institut, and UNESCO Mohammed recently managed HASSAD Agritech Accelerator for 2 years, the first Agritech and Foodtech accelerator in Jordan, which worked with startups from Jordan, Palestine, Canada, Bahrain, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, currently Mohammed is a co-founder and business development manager at Habaybna.net and a freelance consultant and coach. reelance consultant and coach.

Mohammad Barakat

Mohammad Barakat is an experienced entrepreneur and innovation expert with over 5 years of experience in the field. He has worked as an Incubation Manager at Jordan Start, where he has played a key role in supporting and guiding startups to success. Throughout his career, Mohammad has worked with numerous startups and enterprises, helping them to overcome challenges and grow their businesses. His expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation has allowed him to develop effective solutions for a wide range of problems faced by startups and enterprises. Mohammad is passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation, and he is dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs achieve their goals. He believes in the power of innovation to transform the world and is committed to making a positive impact in his community and beyond.

Malek ghazo

Malek Ghazo is a second year PhD student at the University of Pecs focusing on Circular economy in alignment with sustainability and organizational excellence. Malek is an electrical and communication engineer, with a Master of Science in Engineering and Management. Malek has over 13 years of experience in management consulting and training, mainly in organizational excellence, performance management, benchmarking, creativity and innovation, with +1500 trainees from around the world. Malek has worked on multiple projects in the public and private sectors, in UK, Jordan, UAE, KSA, and Qatar.

Mahmoud Khamis

Mahmoud is a creative, organized, and diligent professional with proven skills within the startups and SMEs sector. Mahmoud holds a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering with 5+ years of experience in innovation and entrepreneurship. He works now as a SMEs Analyst with Leaders International and is involved in the selection process of the eligible startups and SMEs for support from different flagship projects for different donors, European Union, USAID, GIZ, etc…, Besides that, he’s currently the technical lead organizer for Startup Weekend Jordan. His experience is rich in working closely with startups in different stages, to achieve their goals in securing investments, building teams capacities, and establishing/maintaining consummate workflow.

Mahmoud Alfawakhiri

I'm a creative designer and entrepreneur with expertise in data-driven digital marketing, social media, and branding. i'm specializes in providing mentorship and consultations to startups, helping them establish their brand, online presence, and marketing strategies. As a skilled designer and business owner, i understands the challenges that entrepreneurs face and is committed to helping them succeed. i uses design tools such as Photoshop to create visually appealing and effective marketing materials, and also offers courses in Photoshop and other design tools to help others learn valuable skills. With a passion for entrepreneurship and a deep understanding of digital marketing, i helped numerous startups and businesses achieve their goals and stand out in their respective industries. As an entrepreneur himself, Mahmoud brings a unique perspective to his mentorship and consultations, offering insights and strategies tailored to the needs of startup founders and small business owners.

Lara Khamash

Lara Sami Khamash has a diversified experience of 32 years, through which she occupied several managerial positions in different fields both in Jordan and in the region. She has Lead and participated in several consultation and training projects both in Jordan and the MENA region. She has intensive training experience in talent management, Strategic Management, leadership, and entrepreneurship. As a consultant she has experience in talent management – applying Competency based management systems, organization development, women empowerment through creating job opportunities and women friendly work environments, entrepreneurship and MSMEs. She has an experience in start- ups and SME, as she herself was the partner and co-founder in two businesses herself; Intiqaa which is a Management consultancy Firm, and Biet Ahli a food preparation institute. Lara holds an MBA degree in Management and a B.SC in Architecture engineering, and she is currently pursuing her studies to get a doctoral degree in strategic Leadership. Lara has participated in several Women Entrepreneurs programs, such as Suporting Entrepreneurs and Enterprise Development Program conducted by Thunderbird University, USA. She also participated as the country coordinator for ACCESS Program, Helping Women Entrepreneurs to Export held in Lusaka, Zambia.

Jawdat Ziad Al-Shammas

Jawdat Shammas is a seasoned digital marketing expert with 20+ years of experience. He has a deep understanding of web and digital marketing and a successful track record in building digital products and managing multi-million-dollar campaigns in the Middle East. As a trainer for Google and New Media Academy in the UAE, Jawdat has trained over 250K individuals in online and in-person settings. He is dedicated to staying current in the digital industry, is an effective communicator, and is often a sought-after speaker in the Middle East digital marketing community.

Hani Tarabichi
Syria / Finland

Hani Tarabichi has 20+ years of experience in managing, training, teaching, consulting, coaching, and inspiring minds to realizetheir full potentials. Hani is actively learning and teaching open innovation, design thinking, business model design and strategy, and last but not least marketing. Currently, Hani is a doctoral researcher at Aalto University in Finland, researching institutional change, business modelling, experimental spaces, and social innovation. Furthermore, Hani is a lecturer in the International Design Business Management Master’s program at AaltoUniversity on Finland that integrates business, design and technology to enable students to create new value and meaningful innovation that combines design and technology with global business development through transdisciplinary teamwork and real-life challenges. Hani strives to impact and inspire others by sharing experiences and narratives and is an engaging lecturer and facilitator.

Fadi Bishara

Currently, Fadi is working as a technology and entrepreneurship expert with local & international NGOs operating in MENA. Fadi founded Blackbox in 2010 in Silicon Valley with a commitment to serving entrepreneurs and expanding entrepreneurial opportunity in every corner of the globe. Blackbox was twice winner of most valuable partner of Google for Startups Global Network, has completed 25 cohorts empowering 420 founders, from 60+ countries. Prior to founding Blackbox, he was the Founder & CEO of techVenture, a talent search and recruitment firm building core teams for venture-backed startups in Silicon Valley. techVenture was retained by startups in the San Francisco Bay Area. 33 of these startups have exited. He’s an active mentor to founders, an angel investor, and a venture advisor to international funds. He served as an Advisory Board Member of the MIT/Stanford Venture Lab. Originally from Hama, Syria, and immigrated to the United States in 1986.

Elie Karam

Elie Karam is a co-founding partner of karam law firm. He is a member of the Beirut Bar Association. He specializes in consultancy, litigation, and mediation. banking and finance, insurance, commercial agencies, corporate law, conflict of laws, public law, foreign investments, intellectual property, infrastructure, environmental and energy law projects and European and Middle Eastern laws. He acts as counsel, expert and advise international NGO's working in Middle East. Elie is a trainer for Business incubators, and programs related to Human Rights, Environmental Rights, energy and sustainable development and dispute resolution. Elie delivered studies, drafted legal opinions and reviewed agreements for governmental and non-governmental institutions and conducted conciliation mediation and litigation in English, French and Arabic. He graduated in law from the University of La Sagesse-Beirut, and follow a master degree in Diplomacy and international Relation. Elie holds a professional certification in Mediation from University of St. Joseph. Elie is a legal researcher on topics associated to the dispute over Lebanon-Israel maritime border and the oil & Gas ongoing process in Lebanon. He is a social and human rights activist who participates in a number of global and regional networks focusing on fair trade and economic policies and targeting regional and global institutions. He launched several campaigns related to sustainable development and chaired local NGOs such as SDL, BBSO and FTT.

Chadi El Ali

Holding a Master degree in engineering & Business (MEE & MBA). Competent project manager with 16+ years of experience in the construction and business industries working in site execution, engineering, planning and business development. With proven record of combining dedication and strong industry knowledge in civil and MEP engineering and business management.

Bassam Baki

Bassam Baki hold a Ph.D. degree in Computer Sciences and a Master in Business administration. He has more than 14 years of experience working in managerial positions, training, and coaching, and teaching in universities.

Bader Ghunaim

A professional Sales expert with more than 17 years of successful record of target over achievement in all areas of Sales and Customer Experience management. Has a profound knowledge in budgeting, business planning and employees’ mobilization. Articulate communicator, who builds connections across all organizational levels. Has solid experience in diversified industries (Telecom, E-commerce, Electronics, Retail and Health Clubs).

Azhar Almadani

An entrepreneur, engineer and supply chain specialist. I worked and learned in different places. My passion in innovation, technology and engineering had led me to use my knowledge in developing, managing and growing my start-up, until it was hit by the corona crisis. Now, I am working at Accenture technology where I help the clients by solving problems, digital transformation and SAP implementation.

Andre Abi Awad

As a seasoned business advisor with over 15 years of experience, I have helped entrepreneurs in 54 countries grow healthy, strong companies. As a Certified Value Builder Advisor, trainer, and speaker, I am recognized as a leading authority on business mastery and growth strategies. I have a wealth of experience in business growth, exit strategies, and raising capital (more than 700 Entrepreneurs supported in pitching to fundraise). My expertise lies in helping business owners turn their companies into highly profitable and sustainable enterprises, while also providing a roadmap for reclaiming personal freedom. I am the creator of the Freedom Owner Program, a comprehensive system that teaches business owners how to make their companies scalable, valuable, and investable. This program is designed to help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level while reclaiming their personal freedom. In addition to my work as a business advisor, I am also the founder of Entreprenergy, a community of over 5,000 entrepreneurs. This community is dedicated to providing support, resources, and networking opportunities for business owners looking to grow and scale their companies. I believe that entrepreneurs are the backbone of the economy and I am passionate about helping them succeed.

Amale El Maiss

Amale El Maiss a Ph.D. candidate in Economics, and a lecturer for the past 6 years teaching BS and MBA levels at universities in Lebanon such as LAU, LIU, and AUST, and in yprus such as Unicaf University. El Maiss has business development experience with international and local NGOs for 4 years. She has provided training, mentoring, coaching sessions to several entrepreneurs, MSMEs and Startups. El Maiss is a certified trainer at International Labour Organization.

Amal Katrib

Dr. Amal Katrib is Founding Executive Director of eSaha, while concurrently serving as Scientific Advisor at Thetis Pharmaceuticals and Board Director Member of the EdTech Governance Committee at WebNav. She holds a Ph.D. in biomedical physics from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) as well as a joint B.S. / M.S. in biomedical-electrical engineering from the George Washington University (GWU). Dr. Katrib brings extensive experience in health data science and computational systems medicine. Working in the biotech industry, she oversaw assay development activities for the comprehensive care management of neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. She led, in the process, several cross-institutional collaborations that successfully helped streamline the translation, validation, and clinical qualification of biomarker discoveries—from lab bench to patient bedside and beyond. Dr. Katrib is, furthermore, an active advocate of initiatives that leverage open dialogue and entrepreneurship as a means to foster public engagement with scientific research. As member and invited expert at the Professional Society of Digital Medicine (DiMe), she recurrently convenes with multi-sectoral stakeholders to: (a) enlist the "reframing of eHealth strategies—vis-à-vis the Internet of Things (IoT)", for effective deployment in low-resource settings, and (b) host a roundtable series on "digital health privacy, literacy, and inclusion", to outline operational guidelines for curtailing the imminent challenges of a digital divide. She also contributes data scientific "online exclusives” content to the Journal of Clinical Pathways and mentors, on an ad-hoc basis, tech startups in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Amal al sadi

Amal AL Sadi is a seasoned technopreneur with over 22 years of hands-on experience in telecommunications, mobile software development, software design, digital transformation, blockchain technologies, AI, ML, cloud computing, web 3.0, and cybersecurity. With her exceptional skills and expertise, she has become a renowned authority in the tech industry. Amal works with a diverse set of business areas to drive innovation and strategic positioning. She supports business development activities with technical support in product concept development, customer relations, and proposal activities. In 2014, Amal began building her dream of establishing a software house specialized in mobile app development. Before later founding VineTechs, Amal worked for 14 years as a staff software engineer and department manager at ESKADENIA software, where she made significant contributions to the development of several software solutions. Amal has attended several international and local conferences, including the Barcelona Mobile World Congress in 2017 and 2018, RISE Conference in Hong Kong, Gaming Summit & BDL Conference in Beirut, MENAICT Forum in Jordan, Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai, and Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore. Her participation in these conferences has provided her with a platform to share her knowledge and expertise with others. Amal received her B.Sc. degree from Princess Sumaya University for Technology, where she was honored by HRH Princess Sumaya for being the most distinguished student in 2000. She is frequently invited to speak at Jordanian Tech/FinTech events and is a regular speaker in universities on current blockchain trends, technologies, and best development practices. Beyond her success in the professional sphere, Amal is also involved in many social initiatives aimed at enhancing people’s lives, health, and culture. In 2014, she participated in an expedition with her Jordanian colleagues to Mount Kilimanjaro in an effort to raise funds for the King Hussein Cancer Center extension. Reach out to Amal to get to know more about her and her mission.

Ali Makahleh

With a combined professional experience of over 7 years in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors, my diverse, yet achievement and impact-focused set of skills has allowed me to manage and oversee 11 different teams with a total of 50 employees and professionals in creative, education-development, project management & implementation, and startup enablement functions. Throughout my professional work, I was able to lead my teams to successfully implement projects that helped over 6500 young beneficiaries. After exiting my most recent startup, I have moved towards putting my expertise as an entrepreneur and experienced management professional into action in designing, monitoring, and developing the largest network of incubators and accelerators in Jordan, under the leading telecom provider, Orange Jordan, then most recently moving to my current position as an Employability and Workforce Development Programs Coordinator at Amideast Jordan.

Alaa Abdelkader

Driven by challenge, admire true leadership acts, Business oriented, Telecommunication and Data Analytics Engineer with 12+ Years of experience delivering impactful outcomes to the industry, society and business. Worked heavily in complex IP MPLS/Transmission networks, Business and Data Science, Entrepreneurship and coaching. Granted MSc. degree in Fintech and Financial Innovation from Spain. Looks always to sustain his personal development and engage in a multicultural business environments. His next milestone is to bridge between the acquired Data Analysis skills and the Financial domains.

Ala'a Agha Karss

Mrs. Agha Karss is the founder and CEO of "Superiors TechHub," a software development company, and also "C-SQUAD," a design and consultancy company.‍She is in charge of embedding the human-centered design methodology into the entrepreneurial ecosystem and business practices of the Middle East in order to foster innovation.Mrs. Agha Karss has also designed and delivered numerous up - skilling training programs for professionals and youth in the fields of mobile application programming, digital transformation, and design thinking. Mrs. Agha Karss is also a professional trainer, coach, mentor, and speaker Throughout her academic and professional career, she received numerous national and international awards.‍She has been selected to be hosted at Twitter for mentorship during the "TechWomen" program for 5 weeks extensively in the Silicon Valley, California, and she won the program’s action plan competition seed grant with her team (the Jordan team).‍Her passion is innovation, and she wants to make her company, "C-SQUAD," the most significant design firm in the Middle East by utilizing innovative, human-centered design to create new products, services, and businesses. Mrs. Agha Karss graduated from Hashemite University in Jordan with a bachelor's degree in software engineering.

Ahmad Nazzal

Ahmad was a founding member of Arab Bank's AB Accelerator, where he supported corporate venture capital and FinTech innovation activities. Later, he joined XBTO's VC fund in Paris, where he assists with deal origination, investor relations, and startup investments worldwide. Ahmad has facilitated numerous startup investments and partnerships across North America, Europe, and MENA, with a focus on FinTech, DeFi, and web3. Additionally, he is a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum and has served as a jury member, mentor, and advisor across the global startup ecosystem. Ahmad holds a BEng in Civil Engineering (Honours) from Glasgow University and a Master's in International Business from Paris Dauphine - PSL.

Ahmad Ibrahim

A results-driven professional with a Bachelor's in Management Information Systems, I am passionate about fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. I started my career with a leadership program at a leading telecom company "Zain Jordan" and progressed to a corporate communication role handling sponsorships. In 2013, I was selected to be part of the first team that established the ZAIN Innovation Campus (ZINC), a platform supporting young talent, innovators, entrepreneurs, and startups. My expertise in collaborating with local, regional, and international partners has allowed me to drive the expansion of the company's innovation campuses across the country. As an expert team leader of the Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility team, I am responsible for its strategy and roadmap, program design, and support the HR team in its internal innovation initiatives.

Abdullah Alghwairi

A civil engineer specializing in project management, graduated from the University of Jordan with the sixth rank in the class, interacted within voluntary work as vice president of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the University of Jordan chapter, worked in the field of consulting within innovation and strategy, cofounded 3 startups within education technology over the past 6 years.

Owice Hammad

Owice left the steel and concrete field for it lacks the warmth of human-human connection. He is fascinated by how the human behaves, perceives the world, and interacts with the other. In trying to undo the dent in the environment, cewas has been his professional outlet and growth milieu.

Nour Baghdadi

Nour is the Head of Marketing at Related, an award-winning martech agency specialized in loyalty and rewards programs. You can find her at the intersection of marketing, technology and modern culture. She helps brands find their voice and build a loyal following, by creating meaningful and engaging content.

Maha yafi

Holder of MEE and MBA degrees with more than 16 years of experience in business.

Layan El-Ramahi

Eng. Layan El-Ramahi is a development expert specializing in building new businesses, fundraising, partnerships and in program development. She has expertise in supporting start-ups, I/NGOs, youht-led networks, donors, consulting and engineering firms in business growth, diversifying portfolios of services, markets and products and in forging strategic partnerships. She led the design and implementation of various large to medium-sized projects focused on positive youth development, entrepreneurship, employment, tourism, water, renewables and smallholder farmers' support. She holds an MSc in Engineering Management from Aston University, UK, and is currently supporting a portfolio of clients across Jordan and abroad as an independent business and fundraising advsior.

Yousra Mshmsh

An artist and a youth activist that works towards building underprivileged communities through social entrepreneurship, technologies, and dialogue. Inspired by her community work with hundreds of young people in marginalized communities, which shed the light on their huge potential and the many injustices they face, Yousra participated in several peace-making projects focusing on gender-based violence, social discrimination, bullying, and lack of opportunities, as well as leading a project that empowers kids in resolving injustices in their local communities by using the practices of changemaking .In addition to her youth-focused work, Yousra has several years of professional experience in supporting start-ups, social enterprises, and SMEs to accelerate their growth and leverage their success in the MENA region’s biggest incubators and innovation hubs. Besides her B.Eng. degree in computer engineering from JU, she holds a diploma in conflict management from Fryshuset-Sweden. Yousra is also a member of the UN office of counter-terrorism youth unit working with a global team of changemakers on designing international peace-focused youth programs and materials. she's the current fellow in residence and regional manager leading Peace First work in MENA and a Lead Trainer with the United Network of Young Peacebuilders

Mohammad Misto

Mohammad Misto, Expert product manager and consultant for tech related companies with a Product Management, Business, entrepreneurship, growth strategies & Marketing focus, Misto is an energetic, curious, proactive and discovery lover entrepreneur with 8+ experience variety of fields like software engineering, marketing, and product management - in love with the new valuable experiences and learnings that can grow up our world. he is also the founder of one of the well known artistic and luxurious chocolate in jordan "Misto Chocolate" ... know more about Misto by visiting www.HiMisto.com

Rima Al-Hasan

Dr. Rima Wahid Al Hasan, Assistant dean for Quality affairs at the school of business at the University of Jordan. She holds a Ph.D. in innovation and operations management from Warwick business school at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom and an MBA in management and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, both from the University of Jordan. Dr. Rima's research has received three reputable international awards, including the 1st Prize of the EDAMBA thesis competition award which was given by the European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration. Also, her research has been chosen by the editorial team of the International Journal of Operations & Production Management (IJOPM) as the Highly Commended winner of the 2020 Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Award in the Operations and production management category. Her research broadly focuses on four main areas: operations excellence, process improvement, innovation management, and paradox management. Dr. Al Hasan has participated in several conferences including the world bank youth summit 2021 and 2022 and the academy of management annual meetings. She joined several groups for improving business education including her recent participation in the “Idea Lab Improving Business and Entrepreneurship Education in MENA Countries and the U.S.” in Dubai, organized by world learning and the Office of Citizen Exchanges at the U.S Department of state. Additionally, she taught and tutored various courses in Jordan & the UK including Entrepreneurship, design in business and innovation, Operations management Furthermore, she is a certified trainer in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Maisam Otoum

Maisam is the Jordan country director for cewas Middle East and has 10 years of experience mostly in Water, Energy, and Climate Change programs with international NGOs. He is responsible for managing cewas activities in Jordan and the region with focus on regional green innovation in the Water-Energy-Food nexus, enterprise technical assistance, and ecosystem development through partnerships and institutional collaboration. He is a passionate trainer and mentor for emerging entrepreneurs. Maisam holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering (Jordan University of Science and Technology) and MSc in geophysics (University of Houston).

Rawan Al-Adwan

Rawan Aladwan is a serial entrepreneur and business development manager, demonstrating a wide variety of expertise in business development, finance, accounting, and human resources since 2016. In addition to the skills mastered and networks gained during her employment at the international NGO JADO, proficient in teaching and quality assurance. Founder of two startups; Bitsy Box one of Oasis500 portfolio companies and RB Fashion the modest activewear brand for women, where she played a central role in the development of the products which gave her the opportunity to hone and further develop her skills set from end to end such as identifying the correct value proposition, corporate set up, creation of marketing strategies, negotiations and closing deals with business partners. Immaculate organization and pioneering idea generation have been her key factors in the successful growth and expansion of these businesses. The recent experience at Flat6Labs, being MENA’s leading seed and early-stage venture capital firm, added further fundamental and managerial expertise and further refined her entrepreneurial spirit.